ISO TC 217 happenings

updated May 2017

This information relevant to Sunscreens and Personal Care Products is provided only as informative for Dermatest TecConsult clients. It is not intended to be official or endorsed by International Standards Organisation (ISO).

ISO 24444 – SPF Review Underway:
This first ISO Sunscreen related document was published in 2010 and has now been opened for review in the next two years 2016 to 2017. At last count, 62 markets have now adopted ISO 24444 to at least the optional level.
Sunscreen Water Resistance Ring Study to complete soon. 

Ring Study 6  focuses on calibrating the wash-off of the P2 Reference sunscreen as well as taking on board the proposed changes to the ISO 24444 test method

ISO Meetings A 2017 Plenary  of ISO TC 217 Cosmetics was held in Colombia in the first week of Dec. Various working groups met over a period of around one week.

The next Working Group meetings are scheduled to be held in Poland in May 2018