Irritection & Corrositex

Dermatest is able to offer quick turn around of in-vitro screening for ocular and dermal Irritection® and for the UN Recognised Corrositex® through collaboration with InVitro International USA. The tests, now in use for over 20 years, have high correlation with both animal and human test results.

The Irritection Assay System utilises the propensity to promote denaturation and disruption of corneal proteins. Both the Ocular and Dermal tests consist of a membrane disk that permits the controlled delivery of the test sample into a reagant solution in conjunction with a proprietary reagent that is composed of glycoproteins, lipids and low molecular weight components that are able to self-associate to form a complex macromolecular matrix. The changes in the protein structure that are induced by the test material may be readily quantified by measurement of the resultant change in turbidity (optical density) at an appropriate wavelength. Internal references are included and an irritancy score is determined.

Corrositex® is a similar system designed to determine suitability for transport and handling of potentially hazardous substances.