SPF tests and related

We conduct SPF testing using a solar simulator, which imitates the UV light emitted by the sun. The testing is conducted on human volunteers. The product is applied to small areas of the back, then exposed to UV light for varying periods of time. The patches are then evaluated after 16 to 24 hours to identify the first area showing slight erythema. This is used to calculate the SPF. We can test for compliance with Australian, New Zealand, COLIPA (International), FDA (USA), Canadian, Japanese, Mercosur, Chinese or South African Standards.

SPF Sample Submission Checklist

  • At least 100g/mL of representative product sample.

     Expected SPF Value

     Clearly identify your product name and reference number.

     Instructions for testing Static SPF, Water Resistance, Broad Spectrum

     Any special instructions for product application or hold time before exposure etc.

     Signed Testing Agreement – (please request this if not already on file).

     Test Protocol required… AS/NZS 2604 / International/COLIPA/China/Korea/FDA/ ISO

    UVA in vitro Sample Submission Checklist

     At least 30mL of representative product sample.

     For UVA tests, Label SPF and actual determined SPF Value (if not already determined by us).

     Clearly identify your product name and reference number.

     Indicate if product contains inorganic materials (ZnO, TiO2 or pigments) or insoluble organic active.

Forward samples to:

Eurofins Dermatest Pty Ltd 20-22 King St Rockdale NSW Australia 2216

of mail: P.O. Box 1022 Rockdale NSW Australia 2216